Thursday, August 26, 2010

Has She Gone Plum Logo?

Trying to come up with a new logo for So being a literal type of gal, I thought I would start with a dog and photography. Well then I got a little crazy and replaced a camera for the photography part (thinking outside the ol box camera). And then I really went crazy...see what I mean?

Starting point
Blue mood
Did you say something?
Another starting point
I am becoming one with the camera
Schnoz competition

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lyle Lovett Sneer

I photographed Matilda yesterday. She's a cattle dog who recently had an aggressive form of cancer in her mouth that resulted in part of her jaw being removed. She is pain free, has a good prognosis,  and is full of piss and vinegar. Her mom, Tina, thinks Matilda now sports Lyle Lovett's sneer when she smiles.

Lyle Lovett's Sneer

Really happy about that hole she just dug

Cousin Arlo wondering if Matilda is a one trick pony

Fruits of her labor

Arlo moves on to more captivating stuff

Are you Lyle Lovett?

Davy Crockett