Monday, June 21, 2010

Vie Garden Project

Yesterday I helped a friend, Del Webber,  install the Vie Garden Project at Bellevue City Hall. The Vie Garden Project is a sculptural installation with the intention of initiating a discussion about food.

Please try to come to the opening of the sculpture show on June 26th 6pm-8pm. Here's some photos and more info: 

Sculpture exhibition to feature art walk
The Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition, one of Puget Sound's premier art events, breaks tradition this year with arts installations downtown, outside the confines of City Hall and Downtown Park.
Introducing residents to the idea of public art installed along a route from City Hall to Meydenbauer Bay, the Bellevue Arts Commission gave the exhibition a new name: "Bellwether 2010:  Art Walk Bellevue."
The opening celebration, free and open to the public, is Saturday, June 26, 6 p.m. at City Hall, 450 110th Ave. NE. 
Twenty-six art works, indoors and out, will be on view at City Hall, and nine will be displayed in the Downtown Park. Along the art walk route there will be two installations, one at the Galleria and the other in the old Safeway parking lot at 500 Bellevue Way NE. Sculptures are from across the U.S., Australia and South Korea. Most are by Northwest artists.
Visitors to the Galleria will see "Jar," 100 upside down mason jars filled with sea glass, beads, moss and solar-powered LED lights, while people passing the parking lot on Bellevue Way will spy "Ghost Trailer," the frame of a camping trailer constructed with driftwood and moss.
For Bellwether 2010, audio segments about each piece are available via cell phone, and this year visitors can have a conversation about the art by posting comments by photos of each piece.
In addition to introducing the art walk idea, the exhibition focuses on sustainability, a priority for the city. Bellwether 2010 artists addressed the issue through their art work's message, materials and/or methods used to make the art. Artists responded with work ranging from serious to light-hearted.
A permanent art walk from City Hall to Meydenbauer Bay has been a long-term vision of the Arts Commission, embraced by the City Council in 2008. 

A teen project will feature models of art imagined by local teens for some of Bellevue's biggest open spaces. Then the models will be digitally "placed" in photos of their selected sites showing  how a full-scale final work would look on site. Each actual site will have an interpretive sign including project information and the photo of the art model in the site. Visitors will be able to use their cellular phones to access an audio tour component, narrated by the students, describing their works and the process.
A special project sponsored by the Bellevue Arts Program will feature the aLIVe project, which provides artists' takes on low-impact vehicle design.  Bellwether's June 26 opening celebration will include artist-designed demonstration models and an activity table where guests can imagine their own low-impact vehicles. 
The exhibition runs through Oct. 17.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Roscoe's Ranch

Roscoe is a sweet boxer boy who was rescued from PAWS in 2000 and now lives on a ranch named after him! I had so much fun photographing him for the PAWS calendar and seeing what a great boarding facility Roscoe's adoptive family has. If you ever need to leave your lil buddy behind, check out Roscoe's Ranch
 Here are some photos from the shoot:

Charismatic Roscoe

Vigilant Roscoe - watching the kids at the well who could be looking for Timmy

Regal Roscoe

Pawpawrazzied out Roscoe

Helpful Roscoe - the exit is behind me

Monday, June 7, 2010

Woof Woof

My next door neighbor Ian told me his daughter Anouk, who is just learning to talk, said "woof woof" as her first words. Apparently every time Snooky or Eddie barks she says "woof woof". Hmmmm, is that a good thing? And then, I was talking to our other next door neighbor Ben, who is about 3yrs old and he heard Eddie bark and told me Eddie is barking. I asked him if he could tell the difference between Snookie's bark and Eddie's bark and he said yes that Snookie has a soft bark and Eddie's bark is loud. Hmmmm, our tiny neighbors really know A LOT about our dogs barking.  Maybe this is not so good. Or maybe they are just as fascinated by dogs as I am.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Why is it that a collection of the same item can take something ordinary and turn it into very fascinating.
 Or is it?

Snookie wondering what the hell are those things and are they for me? Note her personal autograph has already been applied to the altar....