Monday, June 14, 2010

Roscoe's Ranch

Roscoe is a sweet boxer boy who was rescued from PAWS in 2000 and now lives on a ranch named after him! I had so much fun photographing him for the PAWS calendar and seeing what a great boarding facility Roscoe's adoptive family has. If you ever need to leave your lil buddy behind, check out Roscoe's Ranch
 Here are some photos from the shoot:

Charismatic Roscoe

Vigilant Roscoe - watching the kids at the well who could be looking for Timmy

Regal Roscoe

Pawpawrazzied out Roscoe

Helpful Roscoe - the exit is behind me


  1. As always, Bev, you capture the most amazing moments. So beautiful and fun, and one of our favorite dogs!

    Thank you for your contribution of time and talent to help the animals at PAWS!