Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cone dog..hold the mustard

Okay, so everyone always says how dogs teach you so much, like living in the moment, don't bark when a growl will do, never miss an opportunity to sniff someone's butt etc, but they never say how dogs teach you to become a worry wort. Some of the predicaments dogs get themselves into used to be beyond my imagination. In fact, I never would have been labeled a worrier, ever. But now, as we live with our second pack of animals, I've been taken to a new level of anxiety. That bucolic idea of walking serenely in the woods is gone. Young Edward, our pointer lab mix (now 4yrs and 5 mos old) made the slightest yelp when he bounded out of the trees at our local park recently. I saw a little red on his leg and figured he'd scratched himself only to discover that something had sliced all the way around the skin at his elbow, leaving it to slide down his leg like a sock at his ankle. I know, more detail than you needed. The good news is, the wound was superficial (turns out , the skin on dog's legs is not attached in the same way as humans) and is on the mend. Bad news for Eddie is: The Cone of Shame.

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